Thursday, October 25, 2007

meat is murder

The most important information anyone can possess is known only by few: Everything is Printmaking. No joke. O.K., let's shake that down. Essentially, the act of printmaking involves one thing making an impression on another thing. The resulting impression may take the form of an image, an embossment, or something a little less defined. We can therefore carry this concept through to everything that happens in the world. For example, when one walks through the mud, or even just on the pavement, the impression the shoe leaves behind is a print. You are making roughly 6,000 prints per day simply by walking around. While sitting in a cushy seat, a buttocks makes a print on the seat - even if just a temporary print. Not to mention, printing happens in a more abstract way just as frequently. The place where one's body has been during the day is imprinted in the memory of that space. The relationships individuals have with one another imprint the brain. Our brain is a giant print storage facility, maybe even a set of thousands of flat files. All kidding and nerdiness aside, the pictured item of the day is a way to integrate printmaking even more into daily life. It is a monogram brand to push into your meat while it is cooking. Steak, I presume, is the intended meat. You can purchase one of these bad boys from high end cooking stores for a meer 40 clams, and personalize them with your own initials, or I suppose, three letters of your choise. Possibly, purchasing a multitude in the forms of three letter words could be used as a tool for helping others learn to read - in a very expensive and high cholesterol way. Personally, I reccommend the letters A, S, and S, because that is what you are going to look like when you use this, but if someone makes fun of you, just tell them that you are a print enthusiast, and explain to them what you just learned. I'm sure they'll understand.

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