Monday, October 22, 2007

Ben Franklin, printer.

What? Old Ben Franklin...a printer? That's right kids. Up until now, you may have only thought this bespectacled gent to be an author, political theorist, politician, inventor, civic activist, diplomat, figure head on U.S. currency, kite flier, and Founding Father of the good old U. S. and A. - just to name a few. It turns out however, that old Benji was a printer before all of that went down. Franklin was responsible for publishing "Poor Richard's Almanac", "The Pennsylvania Gazette", and other periodicals. The Almanac alone reached runs of up to 10,000 per year! I am ashamed to say that up until I saw this monument the other day, while strolling the streets of Philly with some comrades, I was unaware of my debt to good old Mr. Franklin. Thanks buddy.

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